Neck Rotation Exercise for Improved Mobility

Neck Rotation Exercise for Improved Mobility

This is a great exercise to improve your neck rotation.

Bring your chin down toward your collar bone and then use your eyes to guide your head and try to draw a circle from one shoulder to the other. Once you’ve completed one full rotation, try repeating the drill by “drawing a circle” in the opposite direction. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to move slow and really feel the stretch in each side of your neck.

CARS is an acronym for Controlled Articular Rotation; meaning that you are actively working the outer ranges of motion under control.

Your body is like a good parent in that it protects you from being reckless. As you work through these ranges under tension, your brain and body are sending messages back and forth. The more you prove to your body that it can move without injury; the more mobility your brain will give you access to.

Limited neck mobility could result in a reverse spine angle (upper body bends toward the target as you take a backswing) or shorten your backswing width. Add in this quick and easy exercise and your neck rotation will improve in no time. Need an exercise that targets another muscle group? I’ve got plenty of tips here.

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