Glute and Hip Stretch: Golf Warmups

Glute and Hip Stretch: Golf Warmups

This glute and hip stretch is a great stretch that targets both the back and the front of your hip.

Start by laying down on your back and raise your left knee up so that your left foot is flat on the ground. Then bring your right leg over your left leg. Your shin should be parallel to your shoulders while your right leg presses into your quad.

Next, start to lift your left leg off the ground, toward you. Try to grab your left knee in order to pull it toward you slowly. Take a few deep breaths while you hold this position.

Make sure you keep your shin parallel to your shoulders. This will help increase the stretch in your hip and glute.

Then lay your arms down on the ground in a T pose and turn your head to the right. Bring your right foot and left knee down to the ground on your left side. Try actively pressing your right ankle into your left thigh to open up your hip. This will increase the stretch in the front and side of your hip.

Take a few deep breaths while holding this position.

This is a very helpful stretch for most golfers who tend to sit long hours behind a desk.

What’s great about this stretch is that it doesn’t require a ton of energy. It’s quick and easy to do and can be performed on the floor of your office to help your hips and back from becoming stiff and achy.

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