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You can contact me from anywhere in the world and I can answer your questions.

One of the things I love about having my website is you can contact me from anywhere in the world. Feel free to reach out with questions about teaching, playing or traveling. I have also compiled a list of frequently asked questions below.

Contact Me FAQ’s

Travel FAQ’s

What is the top destination you have been to? Definitely Koh Samui in Thailand. Every year the Asian Tour hosted the King’s Cup at Santiburi Samui Country Club on the island of Koh Samui. The island sits in The Gulf of Thailand and looks out toward Ko Pha-Ngan (Koh-pan-yang) which is famous for its ‘Full Moon’ parties.

What was your favorite cuisine while traveling? Without question, India. I know Indian food is not for everyone but I think India food is just misunderstood. Everyone assumes India food is insanely spicy but this is not the cause. Although I like spicy food, India has so much variety and I don’t think any other country has such an amazing variety of flavors. I have to admit Basmati rice and garlic naan are two of my favorite sides for a dish as well.

What is the best golf course you have ever played? I have been fortunate to play many amazing golf courses but I would have to say Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania. Not only is it an incredible golf course which has hosted many major championships but it is also arguably one of the hardest. I must admit, given how well I played I may be a little biased. I managed to shoot 66 (-4) from the US Open tees.

Playing FAQ’s

What was your best experience playing professional golf? Playing in the Australian Open in 2011 ahead of the President’s Cup. We had 8 of the 12 players from the United States team in the field including Tiger Woods. It was the first time the tickets for the event sold out. I was also fortunate to play on the same side of the draw as Tiger but on opposite nines. He was first off on the front nine and I was second to last off the back nine. His crowds spill four or five holes in front of him and I was just two groups ahead for nine holes each of the first two days. Playing in front of those huge crowds was a real thrill! There were people everywhere!

Instruction FAQ’s

Do you give golf lessons? Yes I do. I live in St. Louis, Missouri but offer lessons to students both in person and online. My in person lessons are all done in the St. Louis area at Next Level Golf. At Next Level Golf we have access to state of the art simulator through Uneekor and Full Swing Swing Catalyst software. For all putting I utilize SAM PuttLab. All my online lessons are conducted via video call and I use v1 Swing Analysis to provide feedback.

Do you teach a specific method? I have been fortunate to work on my own swing with two very recognizable PGA Tour instructors in Scott Hamilton and Bradley Hughes. I also worked on a swing overhaul when I was younger living in Australia with the help of Troy Lane. Each had an entirely different philosophy on the golf swing. I try to use the experience I gained from each of these guys to apply the most appropriate method to the swing in front of me.

What do you enjoy teaching the most? Teaching the short game has and will always be the area of the game I enjoy teaching the most. My short game has always been considered the best part of my game and I enjoy sharing my thoughts on all the different shots a player can hit around the green. It is the most chipping, pitching, and putting is the most under served area of the game when it pertains to instruction. I have the tools and knowledge to help any golfer improve their game from 100 yards and in tremendously.