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Swing Fundamentals

Learn to use clock system. Develop three specific swings with each wedge for more control and consistency.

Controlling Your Wedges

Adopt the Clock System If you want to be better at controlling your wedges it requires more than knowing how far you hit them with just a full swing. By using the clock system with your wedges, you will find it easier to select a club and get the...

Stuck Behind the Trees - Recovery Shot

Stuck Behind the Trees: Recovery Shot

For the average golfer, if you’re stuck behind the trees you’ve probably heard to “take your medicine”. In other words, take the easiest route to get the ball back on the fairway. This will give you the best approach on your next shot. However, for...

Using Ball Position to Shape Your Shots

Using Ball Position to Shape Your Shots

Using ball position can help to alter the shape of your shots. Not only can change the ball flight from right to left or left to right. But it also affects the trajectory up or down. Let’s start by going over a draw. Begin by moving the ball forward...

Body Alignment & Your Golf Swing

Body Alignment & Your Golf Swing

A huge part of your golf swing if you body alignment. Where your feet and shoulders align affects the way you’ll swing the golf club. In a perfect world, we’re trying to square our feet and shoulders with our target line, however this is not always...