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Proper Golf Grip: A Quick Test of Your Grip on the Club

Mastering the basics is extremely important for beginners and for experienced players. A lot of golfers tend to grip the club with the lead hand (this is the left hand for a right-handed golfer) too much in the palm of their hand. Without a proper golf grip, the club will slip and slide around in your hand. Wearing the right kind of golf glove can only help so much. So how do you fix this?

First, focus on gripping the club using the pinky, ring, and middle fingers. Then, hold the club straight out in front of you and ask someone to pull the club from your fingers. If your grip is too loose, the club will slip out. Tension is vital for a proper golf grip. Make sure there is enough tension in your three-finger grip that the person pulling on the club can’t pull it from you. Practice this and in no time your left-hand grip will be solid.

This is a pretty quick and easy way to improve your golf game. You’d be surprised by how much honing your basic skills can impact your game. There’s no telling how much you’ll improve once you master these fundamentals.

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