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Close Up Of Mature Male Golfer Preparing To Hit Tee Shot Along Fairway With Driver

Tee Time Etiquette: What You Need to Know

Avoid the rush – Give yourself ample time prior to your round to be on the tee box. A good timeframe to aim for is about 10 minutes or so before your allotted time. As a rule of thumb, I would always be finished warming up and ready to walk over to the tee box as the group in front was leaving the teeing ground. Being early for your tee time will show you respect the time of the other players around you as well. It also gives you time to warm up and even take a few practice swings, maybe with your FLYT sleeve.

Order of play – Respecting tee time isn’t the only courtesy you can offer other players. There’s much more to golf etiquette. For example, unless otherwise stated, be sure to allow the player with the lowest score on the prior hole to tee the ball off first and follow in the order of lowest to highest score until everyone has teed off. The person who is furthest from the hole thereafter will hit the next shot and so on. Often with a group of your friends this doesn’t apply but it doesn’t hurt to check. Especially if you’re unsure.

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