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Grip Pressure When Chipping Into the Wind

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your short game, look no further. There’s an easy way to hone your skills, specifically when chipping into the wind. A quick tip that can easily improve your game when you’re chipping into the wind involves adjusting your grip pressure.

First, start by taking your normal setup for a chip shot. This should involve your ball centered and leaning your weight slightly forward. Next, pay attention to the grip pressure in your lead hand. For right-handed golfers, your lead hand will be your left hand. Before you hit the shot, make sure to increase your grip pressure in the lead hand. With this in mind, your goal is to feel like the back of the lead hand stays pointed toward the target through the shot. This will help keep your hands ahead of the club face and the loft down, driving the ball through the wind.

Chipping into the wind doesn’t have to mess with your game if you focus on this grip pressure adjustment. Evaluating the direction of the wind and how it is going to impact your game is a valuable skill for golfers at any experience level. Good luck on the greens!

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