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Growing Golf

Golf has been my life for more than 25 years. I have always believed in growing golf anyway I can. This can be as simple as a swing tip to a friend or sharing an experience from my time as a touring professional. I have been lucky to travel the world playing the game I love. The stories and people I have met along the way all had impacted on my life. I hope you all enjoy my content and learn something along the way! Let’s go golfing!

Professional golf was always my dream, whether playing or helping others it is what I love to do.

Growing Golf For Everyone

Training Aids

Since I stopped playing competitively at the end of 2017 I have focused on growing golf in a different way. I launched FLYT Golf along with my partners in November of 2019 with my invention of a short game training aid, the Chipping Sleeve. Our business has grown in the time since to include multiple golf training aids and accessory products. Our products are suitable for golfers of all ages, gender, and skill level.

Our products are for golfers of all ages, gender, and skill levels.


It has taken some time but I have also found myself back teaching the game to others. In 2023 an opportunity to work with Next Level Golf in St. Louis will allow me to share my expertise with others. I have always loved teaching the game but have a hyper focus on the short game. Throughout my career as a player and through thousands of hours of practice my short game developed into my greatest asset. The short game is neglected at the instructional level and I feel it is my obligation to share what I have learned.

Teaching golfers of all skills levels and seeing there improvement is the most satisfying aspect of golf instruction.

College Coach

I took up coaching at Webster University in the fall of 2021 and I have enjoy it thoroughly. There is a great sense of satisfaction that comes with coaching college golfers because it is about more than golf. College is where an individual really becomes an adult. You learn to look after yourself and become more independent. Leaving home when I was 20 to pursue my college career remains the most important decision I ever made. Where I am today and the family I have would not exist if it wasn’t for my journey through college. I hope as a college golf coach I can help many golfers have the same great experiences I did.