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When it comes to golf content I want to offer more than just technical advice. There is so much content our there to consume but it is hard to find everything in one place. If you are like me then you enjoy everything about the game of golf. My past life as a touring professional has taken me to places I only dreamed about as a kid and I want to share those experiences with you as well.

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I have many beliefs about golf instruction but was lucky to work with some great instructors as a player. As a professional golfer I spent many hours under the guidance of two very well known PGA Tour instructors, Bradley Hughes and Scott Hamilton. My instruction is through what I have learned from these instructors, trial and error, and observing some of golfs greats.

Destinations & Hot Topics

Over the course of my nearly 10 year career touring the world playing golf, I was lucky to see some amazing places. Professional golf has taken me to a total of 27 different countries. From Europe and South America, to Southeast Asia and back home to Australia. Many of these destinations are truly remarkable to I aim to share them with you as well.

Golf is always providing drama and excitement. Emerging knew golf tours along with evolving rules and technology allow for much discussion. I will share my thoughts on the topics I believe are important and pressing.

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