My Pro Shop

My Pro Shop is a great place to feature our products from FLYT Golf. My Pro Shop features all our golf training aids and accessory items. With more than 50 PGA Tour players and instructors using our training aids, including winners of 6 major championships, and over 100 victories on the PGA, Korn Ferry, Champions, DP World, and LPGA Tours.

Training Aids

Chipping Sleeve

The chipping sleeve in my pro shop is designed to improve your short game.

I designed the Chipping Sleeve around fellow Australian golfer Jason Day. Jason has arguably one of the best chipping and pitching techniques in the world. He has an incredible ability to create a wide and shallow swing path, utilizing his torso to do so. The Chipping Sleeve helps you recreate this same technique by reducing over activity in your hands and arms. The patented insert shapes the trail arm keeping the wrist and elbow stable, forcing you to rotate with your torso. More stability equals more consistency!

Swing Extender

Tommy Brannen is the original designer of the Swing Extender and it has become widely popular. Used by the likes of Phil Mickelson and world renowned instructor Mike Bender. The Swing Extender helps golfers create more width at the top of their back swing. The width it creates will help you create the ‘Power Position’ before your down swing. You will create more lag and speed as a result for long drives!

Plane Strap

Our FLYT Plane Strap helps golfers with one of the most common issues in the golf swing. The ‘chicken wing’ or ‘flying right elbow’ is such a problem because it leads to so many other problems. The Plane Strap creates tension across the torso which keeps the trail arm close to the body. It has multiple sizing loops because it is for all golfers.

My Pro Shop Accessories

We all want to play our best on the golf course because that is how we shoot lower scores. What is equally important is how you look and feel. FLYT Golf offers multiple accessory items to help you feels good while playing.