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How to Avoid Slow Play On the Course

Watch the clock – It is important to be mindful of your pace of play on the course. A courteous golfer will avoid slow play so that they’re not making others wait too long. A typical round of golf for a group of four golfers should take no more than 4 hours. This is a little over 13 minutes per hole. Most golf carts, particularly at public golf courses, will have a course marshal or GPS. Their purpose is to notify you if you are falling off the pace. If it is not a busy day and you are playing on pace but a group behind you is playing faster, at an appropriate time let that group play past your group so you are not holding them up for the day.

Keep moving – Two of the main reasons groups play slowly is the pace in which they walk between shots and pre or post shot routines. If you are walking, it is very important to walk briskly between shots. That way you do not delay those playing behind you. Pre and post shot routines will often slow golfers down considerably as well, taking multiple swings before and after a golf shot or both. Take a single swing prior to and post swing, then move on. This is the ideal way to avoid slow play. It is important to practice basic golf etiquette to make the experience great for everyone on the green.

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