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Short Game Practice Facilities: Do’s & Don’ts

Share the green – Putting greens at short game practice facilities are often limited to the number of holes they will have in them to putt to. On days where the practice green is busy, allow others to putt to the same hole as you. Do not spend time working on putting drills which take up excessive space, preventing others from working on their putting.

Spatial awareness – After hitting your putts to a designated hole, always pay attention to the others and where they are putting. Avoid walking directly over or across someone else’s line while they are putting. Make the effort to wait while they putt or walk around them to get to your ball. When at short game practice facilities, putting across another person’s line is actually ok. So long as you are both aware when each other putts, you can avoid your balls colliding.

Pick your ball up – Avoid using your putter head to pick your ball out of the hole. This can cause damage to the cup, so be sure to make the effort to bend down and pick your balls out of the hole.

Following these examples of basic golf etiquette will go a long way for you and your fellow players.

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