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Using Ball Position to Shape Your Shots

Using Ball Position to Shape Your Shots

Using ball position can help to alter the shape of your shots. Not only can change the ball flight from right to left or left to right. But it also affects the trajectory up or down.

Let’s start by going over a draw. Begin by moving the ball forward in your stance. Next, you want to align your club and body to the right of your target slightly, maybe 5-10 yards. Your club face and body should be square to the start line. Moving the ball forward in your stance will allow you to catch the ball on the release creating a right to left ball flight.

In addition, you can also use what’s called a squeeze fade. Start by aligning your club face and body left of the target. With the ball positioned back in your stance you will catch the ball prior to release resulting in a lower, left to right ball flight.

These 2 techniques are an easy way to shape your shots by altering your ball position without having to manipulate your swing. You can learn how to draw and fade your shot using your hands here.

Written by
Brad Smith
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Written by Brad Smith