Get Out of the Fairway Bunker: Choosing a Club

Get Out of the Fairway Bunker: Choosing a Club

So, you find yourself in a fairway bunker. After reviewing some of the fundamentals, let’s talk about factoring in the lip in order to select the right club for the shot.

Imagine you’ve got a medium height lip in front of you, maybe 3 or 4 feet away. You’re probably going to be considering the 6 or the 7 iron. Keep in mind, the 6 iron has less loft than the 7 iron. So how do you choose?

The most important factor coming out of any bunker, especially a fairway bunker, is to make sure you get it out on the first attempt.

If you get greedy and try and hit the 6 iron, yeah that might get you to the green but it brings the lip into play. And if you don’t pull it off? You’re gonna regret it.

My advice is to take the 7 iron for more loft. This way you are more likely to get it out of the bunker on your first try. If it comes up a little short then you need to trust your short game. A tool like the FLYT Sleeve can help you master your short game for moments like this to help you confidently get the ball up and down.

I think these tips will help you get out of the bunker with a clean shot.