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Stuck Behind the Trees - Recovery Shot

Stuck Behind the Trees: Recovery Shot

For the average golfer, if you’re stuck behind the trees you’ve probably heard to “take your medicine”. In other words, take the easiest route to get the ball back on the fairway. This will give you the best approach on your next shot. However, for the advanced player or someone that just wants to have a go, here’s how you can improve your shot.

The next time you’re attempting this kind of shot, take your normal setup position. Be prepared to think about the movement of your hands through impact. In order to keep the loft down, make sure that your hands don’t pass the club coming through impact. You want to make sure that on the way through impact, you keep the back of your left hand going towards the target for as long as possible. This will keep the loft down.

Another way to keep the loft down is to move the ball position back in your stance. Continue to keep the back of your hand going towards the target as you would while driving the ball out lower. Basically, take a normal setup. Then drive the back of your left hand forward through the hit. Keep your follow through low. This will help keep your shot under the limbs when you’re stuck behind the trees.

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