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Ball Position Using Your Driver

Ball Position Using Your Driver: Setup Fundamentals

For proper setup when using your fairway wood or driver, it’s important to focus on your ball position. Each club will start getting progressively longer and it is important to counter this by widening your stance to the same degree. Widening from club to club is minimal. But from wedge to your longest club, a driver, it is significant. With your driver, the instep of your feet should approximately align with the outside of your shoulders. It is important to note that an overly narrow stance can lead to instability, particularly in the wind. A stance which is too wide will inhibit your ability to turn and complete a full backswing to optimize distance.

Modern technology is designed to reduce spin off the club face. This means pushing your ball position forward, to inside the left instep, is very important when using your driver. Unlike your irons, which require a descending blow to help get the ball in the air, your woods require a ‘sweeping’ motion. Hitting up slightly will assist in elevating the ball.

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