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Read Your Putt From Behind the Hole

Read Your Putt From Behind the Hole

Most commonly, you see golfers reading their putts from the ball to the hole. However, for a more effective shot, you should try to read your putt from behind the hole. I have done it differently for nearly two decades. When watching the Golf Channel’s playing lessons with the pros, former PGA Champion David Toms talked about his method for green reading. Toms explained how we often see the break backward, meaning if we are standing behind our ball, we will see the break from the hole back to the ball when we really should be seeing it the other way round. Toms reads his putts from behind the cup and you will see almost every PGA Tour player doing this.

When we look at our putt from behind the hole, we are reading the putt as it should be and seeing the break more appropriately as it would be slowing down approaching the cup. I love this method of green reading and continue to do so to this day. It makes a big difference in the number of putts I hole. Try to read your putt from behind the hole and see the difference it can make in your putting.

Written by
Brad Smith
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Written by Brad Smith