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Read a Putt Using Plumb Bobbing

Read a Putt Using Plumb Bobbing

This method of reading putts was particularly popular in the Nicklaus era and prior. It is not used as much anymore; however, it can prove very useful for certain circumstances. Consider trying it on subtle breaking putts from inside of 10 feet. Knowing how to read a putt using plumb bobbing can be very helpful for learning to read the line.

To start, you’re going to stand back from the ball in line with the hole, maybe 6-8 feet or so. Your feet should be shoulder width or so apart. Then you will hold the putter lightly with the thumb, index and middle finger of whichever hand you choose. Next, raise the putter up and close your non-dominant eye. Then line the shaft up with the hole. You will notice the putter head is leaning slightly to one side of the golf ball. This is indicating the way the putt should break. The more the putter leans to one side, the more it will, in theory, break. It is helpful for golfers who struggle to read the line to know how to read a putt using plumb bobbing. If you’re looking for more putting tips, I’ve got you covered.

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Brad Smith
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Written by Brad Smith