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Linear vs. Non-Linear Golfers

Linear vs. Non-Linear Golfers: Reading the Putt

Golfers differ tremendously in the way they read a putt. It can mainly be split up by linear vs. non-linear golfers. In this article, I’ll talk about the differences between linear vs. non-linear golfers. It mainly comes down to how they visualize when reading the putt. If you’re looking for information on which is the right or wrong approach for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Non-linear golfers see the putt breaking across the green, rolling over and around the slopes, the ball not in a straight line. Personally, this is the way that I choose to approach the game. On the other hand, linear golfers will see the overall break and putt to a point nearer to the hole. When comparing these two styles of play, it is good to note that neither is right or wrong. Both approaches have their merits. However, it is important to understand which type you are.

Next time you are out on the course, pay attention and determine whether you see the point or the line when reading the putt. This will inform the way you continue to play. You can even look up further tips based on this information once you have a better understanding of what your preferred style is.

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