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Putting on Bermuda Greens

Putting on Bermuda Greens

Putting on Bermuda greens all comes down to knowing how to read the grain of the grass. When the cups are cut early in the morning, the hole won’t give much indication to the grain. But there is still a trick that will help you identify the grain. Try to pay attention to the light and dark shades of green you are seeing on the green. The dark shades indicate the grain is going toward you. The lighter shades of green indicate the grain is running away from you. Later in the day, as the sun moves across the sky, it tends to pull the grass toward it, resulting in one side of the cup being worn down. This indicates that the grass is growing away from the worn side of the cup. 

Why bother learning how to read the grain? Grain is important on Bermuda grass because it can have a drastic effect on the break of a putt. For example, a putt with a gentle right to left break but opposing grain may end up rolling fairly straight. Simply put, when putting on Bermuda greens, you must acknowledge the grain of the grass and practice adjusting your putt to compensate for the grain.  

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