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Read the Green from a Distance

Read the Green from a Distance

Why should you read the green from a distance? This technique will help you with your putting. As a matter of fact, reading the green from a distance is a great tip I picked up as a young kid. I used to watch Dr. Bob Rotella and Brad Faxon’s Putt to Win DVD. In the video, Faxon talked about the importance of reading your putt as you approach the green. Faxon is arguably the greatest putter of all time. As you are coming up on the green from about 40-50 yards away, survey the green and where your ball is. This will give you a better idea of the slopes. Faxon believes this broader perspective of the green will help you see the general undulations of the green better. For this reason, this will help assist you when giving your putt a final glance over.

I have used this method ever since I saw that DVD and have found it to be a very effective green reading approach. A better view of the green results in better putting, which is why you should read the green from a distance. With this in mind, try it out and see how it impacts your game. You might just like it.

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