Advanced Flop Shot: The Fundamentals

Advanced Flop Shot: The Fundamentals

The advanced flop shot, aka the Mickelson Flop Shot, is one you’ve seen countless times in ESPN top 10s. There’s a couple of fundamentals you can think about in your setup position that will help you achieve this shot.

Your normal setup on a chip shot will have your feet fairly close together and your clubface square. For a flop shot, you’ll need to widen your stance because you’ll be making a near full swing for this shot. A solid foundation is vital in helping you turn.

In order to get the ball up in the air, your clubface should open out to the right. Counter this with the position of your feet by placing them to the left of your target. This will force you to swing along the line of your body, which helps you get the ball going exactly where you want it to.

To hit the Mickelson flop, or advanced flop shot, you’ll have to also pay attention to your hands. As your swing is on the way back, you should increase the loft on your club significantly by cupping your wrists going back and matching that on the way through. Most importantly: swing hard. You can’t be afraid; you can’t slow down and stop. Everything has to keep moving in order to get the ball up in the air and then landing softly on the green.

There are many types of flop shots. Once you’ve mastered the advanced flop shot take a shot with the straight arm flop shot.