Pebble Beach Golf Links: A Must-See for Avid Golfers

Pebble Beach Golf Links: A Must-See for Avid Golfers

Few would argue there is a better stretch of golf holes anywhere in the world than those which hug the Monterey coastline at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

The first three holes are unassuming and relatively easy. The 4th tee is where Pebble Beach begins to shine brighter than any other. Holes 4-10 play along the rugged steep cliffs of Monterey Bay and the North Pacific Ocean. Every hole offers miles of beach and ocean, waves crashing and magnificently carved golfing architecture along its peaks and valleys.

After departing the ocean from the 11th tee box, the course meanders above the holes hugging the coastline below, until you return to the par 3 17th and famous par 5 finishing hole back on the ocean.

Pebble Beach requires precision with your irons, the greens at Pebble Beach averaging just 3,500 square feet. For comparison, Augusta National Golf Club averages 6,435 square feet of putting surface. The 17th green offers perhaps the largest area. However, the pinching hourglass shape makes the hole play as two separate greens.

Of the three rounds I have played at Pebble Beach Golf Links, nothing will top the day with me pictured. In this picture I’m on the 9th tee box with the 8th green in the background. There was a rare tide accompanied by warm, sunny weather in late February. This provided turquoise water more accustomed to those holidaying in the Bahamas.

It comes with a very steep price tag but one every avid golfer should enjoy once in their lifetime!