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Controlling Your Wedge Shots

Controlling Your Wedge Shots: Adopt the Clock System

When you know the distance of your shots based off your club loft, controlling your wedge shots becomes a lot easier.

Everyone carries a different number of wedges in their bag. I personally carry 3, all with different lofts. Some players carry as many as 4. Having a dependable method for gauging your distances is important when selecting what shot to hit on the course.

Think of your setup as a clock. The club head behind the ball is 6 o’clock. You will use your lead arm (left arm for a right hander) to determine its position on the clock with a full swing being 12 o’clock. We are looking to create 3 distances with each of your wedges.

A 50% shot would be 9 o’clock, a ¾ shot would be 10:30 and a full swing is 12 o’clock. Everyone’s length of golf swing is different. So, everyone’s determination of where each position is for themselves is going to vary. With each swing you are looking to complete the follow through to a full finish position.

With 3 relatively definitive distances in your bag with each wedge, making a decision on the golf course as to what shot you’re hitting will become significantly easier. As a result, controlling your wedge shots will be a breeze.

Here is a great read to learn how to select your wedges for your short game shots.

Written by
Brad Smith
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Written by Brad Smith